Amir Development Company – Purpose Service and Leadership

Amir Development Company was incorporated in California in 1960 by Herta and Paul Amir who continue to run and manage the firm. Through family partnerships, the Amirs own and control 44 buildings which include over 9 million square feet of industrial warehouses throughout southern and northern California, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Denver, as well as office buildings located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The Amirs also own apartment buildings located exclusively in Los Angeles, predominantly in the Westwood neighborhood. Success of the firm is a direct result of the Amir’s extensive experience, exceptional talent and good judgment.

The offices of Amir Development are located at 8730 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA, a building that is also owned by the Amirs. All of the buildings are managed through Amir Development Company and its dedicated team of office staff.